Baby Products

Baby Products – What you Need for the First Year

Baby Products – What you Need for the First Year

The first year is crucial for your baby – you need to get baby products that will give your child comfort as well as cater to growing needs. Have a checklist prepared in advance so that you do not have to run around looking for items when you need them. These include products to clothe, bathe, feed and transport your baby.

Here is specific information that includes and goes beyond the basics so that you do not have to worry in the first year at least.

Baby clothes

You have to be particular about size since it varies among brands. For example a bodysuit meant for a 3 to 6 months old baby for one brand may be too snug for your 4 month old of another brand. It is advisable to look for clothes that also list weight and height guidelines so that you can easily know what will fit best. Further, ensure that you have a couple of outfits that are next size up to meet needs of your growing infant.

On the top of the list should be one-piece outfits that zip up and down the front as they are very comfortable while playing or sleeping. Further, it is very easy to change outfits or diapers without having to pull clothes over the head every time. Leggings or stretchy pants are another must have as it is easy to change dirty clothing without replacing the whole outfit. Choose leggings with elastic waistband that fits easily over the diapers and can compensate for increase in baby’s weight.

Outer layers, hats and mittens, shoes, socks and pyjamas or sleepers should round off your baby’s wardrobe in the first year.


Your baby will probably need about 10 to 12 diapers per day so it is essential that you plan accordingly. You can either use disposable or cloth diapers or ones that have a reusable cover with a disposable lining. Initially buy small packs to make sure that the ones you decide on ultimately do not irritate your child’s skin and fit well and snugly.

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Buy a nursing or feeding pillow that is especially designed to support your baby while you are bottle feeding or nursing so that any strain on your neck and shoulder can be avoided. These are very useful for keeping your baby in a position. Other accessories include warm or cold gel packs that fit inside the bra and soothe swollen breasts.

Baby gear

The most important is a baby carrier which ensures that while the baby gets to snuggle close to you, you have both your hands free to carry out your daily chores. Before buying one make sure that the harnesses and straps can support your baby securely. Try and avoid slings as studies have shown that this type of baby carriers can lead to suffocation or injuries. Stroller and a car seat are essentials too. Car seats have an expiration date so check that before buying one.

These are some of the must have baby products you should stock at least for the first year.